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My name is Tiara Cameron and that picture on the right?

That’s me, on my 40th birthday. I wasn’t always this toned, though: I was 45 pounds overweight, alone and wasting time on the treadmill every day. Maybe you’ve been there too. Maybe you’re there now.


I Tried Everything

I was a single thirty-something mother of three children under the age of five. I was exhausted, overworked, and desperate for a change. I tried dozens of diets and I spent hours on the gym and sure, I lost 20 pounds. But then I plateaued. I was still jiggly, flabby, and I was chained to a machine for six hours a week, running nowhere. I was hardly eating and I had no idea how long I could sustain this lifestyle to sustain my not-very-ideal body. Was this all there was? I couldn’t believe it.

Maybe you’re in the same place I was. Maybe you’re doing everything the experts have told you is ‘right’, and you’re still nowhere near the dream body you have been hoping for. Maybe you’ve decided that enough is enough and it’s time to transform into the best version of yourself – you just want the straight-talk on what really works.

I began to study the best bodies in the gym, and what I discovered finally got me off the treadmill and got me toned, tight, and feeling terrific again.



Tiara in bikiniI found the secret to losing fat & keeping it off for good!

I found the secret to losing fat and keeping it off for good! I quit my job and became a certified trainer. I studied sports nutrition and I worked closely with major athletes and college-level sports pros to figure out exactly what was going on with their bodies – and with mine. I developed theories, and tested and refined them on myself and on my friends and clients. The result?

I’ve been in this shape for over a decade, and I’ve helped hundreds of women just like you learn how to create a body like mine.

If you’ve tried it all and if you’ve decided that you don’t want some weak variation on “eat less and exercise more” – no matter who the celebrity is hawking the weight loss program – if you’ve decided that you want to transform into someone who is in the best shape of their lives but who still has a life – then the Tiara Transformation System is for you.


The Tiara Transformation System is made for women who want to:

  • look great – without spending so much time at the gym that they get their mail forwarded there
  • feel great – healthy, strong and sexy, every day
  • live great – with a system that works with normal life and sets an example for your children or your loved ones that you can be proud of

There is an entire industry built up around keeping you coming back for more ‘special food’ and more classes at the gym and more creams and lotions to help you lose weight – but let’s face it, none of it is sustainable.

If you are looking for a solution, not a temporary cover-up, then you need to know the secrets I know.



The Secret Moves

Secrets that will help you get the body you want without ever stepping on the treadmill again if that’s your desire. Secret moves that will give you sexy, flat abs, tight, toned arms, and a tush to kill for – in a minimum amount of time, without needing a gym membership.

Tiara Cameron - Tiara Transformation System

The Secret Food Combination

Secrets that will teach you exactly how to eat – more, a lot more! – and what two foods to combine to fuel your body and turn it from a fat-hoarding entity into a fuel-burning furnace of fat loss.

This plan isn’t for people who want to lose 10 pounds by Saturday (although you could lose significant weight in the first 7 days, that isn’t my main focus). It’s for women who are looking to transform themselves, and to create bodies that can do great things, not just look good in jeans. I will teach you to train for ‘Go’, not for ‘Show’, and suddenly you will have the energy to be one of those women who can do it all. You won’t be stuck lugging carrot sticks in plastic baggies to nibble on while everyone else is eating pizza – that’s not real life, and it’s not sustainable. I show you exactly how to feed and nourish your body without restrictive dieting so that you can stick to the plan for life.


Transforming From Flab to Fab

Before and AfterListen, if you’ve been eating 1,000 calories a day and spending 6 days a week sweating it out on the treadmill without getting the toned, tight body you’ve been dreaming of, you probably think that there is no hope for you. You may even be close to giving up. I’m here to tell you it’s not your fault! I was exactly where you are.

You see, for years, women have been told that they’re eating too much and not spending enough time at the gym, and the truth is, that’s not what causes women to gain – and retain – weight. Women have genetic factors that keep them fat, and in fact our bodies are programmed to think retaining weight is a good thing! And that was fine hundreds of years ago when food was scarce and we needed to prepare for famine, but let’s face it: that’s not the case anymore and we don’t want to spend 20 or 30 years keeping a layer of fat on ‘just in case’. What we need to do is to radically change the way our cells work and train our bodies to want to stay lean, fit, and healthy. Men have a genetic advantage over us here, but with the Tiara Transformation System, I can teach you exactly what you need to know to ‘beat the house’ and create the body of your dreams.

My name is Lindsey Joslyn-Rohner. I have always thought of myself as being a healthy eating, active, tall, curvy yet kinda toned girl. My weight has always fluctuated a bit (depending on level of stress or time of month) but I seem to always carry my extra weight well and have never been obsessive when it comes to the scale. Well, that comfortable and complacent self- image was about to get a rude awakening when I saw a series of pictures my husband had taken of me in a bikini. I’m sure the horrified look on my face prompted the “What’s wrong? you’re not fat, you look hot! I like these pictures of you” comments. My husband is very sweet and is constantly complimenting me, I’m a lucky girl. But in that moment, staring at the ugly truth of a bloated belly and chunky thighs, those sweet and reassuring words sounded like white noise. A picture never lies. We all have claimed to have a “good side” and always take into consideration angles and bad lighting. But come on people lets get real! “Yes that is how you really look!” So here I am 30 years old, a non-smoker, working out regularly, eating pretty healthy and drinking lots of water, shouldn’t I look like a Victoria’s Secret angel?

So I started researching online. Reading about fitness plans, different diets, healthy lifestyle blogs, do this, not that…It’s all a little overwhelming. Then I came across the Tiara system. Initially it was Tiara’s beautiful face and perfectly toned physique that lured me in to pause in envy. But after reading her story I was in. If a 40 year old mother of three can do it then so can I. So thats what I did. I hit the gym with a new plan, started eating clean and incorporated more protein into my diet. It’s been a year since reading the Tiara system, i’m still following the healthy eating and work out plan along with adding in a couple days of cardio which usually consists of zumba or hiking with our dogs. Don’t get me wrong I still love pasta with cheese and splurge on the occasional cocktail, i’m not perfect, nobody is. I will never be a size 2 or have a gap between my thighs and thats okay. I eat healthy, I work out, I feel strong and like having curves. The only thing left to do is take some new pics in my bikini;)

Thanks for sharing your story Tiara! It changed my life.



The Tiara Transformation System is:

Action-oriented. Hey, I don’t need to spend chapters explaining the risks of being overweight to you. You already know you want to be lean and fit. Let’s just get to it!

An easy-to-follow step-by-step plan that you can put to work in the real world – even when your kids are sick. Follow the general guidelines to change your life or print out the done-for-you menus and workouts that will turbocharge your transformation.

There is no pay-by-the-pound weight loss penalty like some of those popular weight loss programs you see advertising on TV. The Tiara Transformation System is the exact blueprint I used to lose the fat for good and create a virtual metabolic fire so that I can eat chocolate every day and still wear a bikini without diving for a coverup!

In Chapter 1, I give you the exact story of how I started exercising less and eating more, and changed my body into the shape of my dreams.

In Chapter 2, I give you the 10 steps you need to take to apply this exact transformation to yourself.

In Chapter 3, I break down the two most pervasive exercise myths that the media perpetuates, and that are keeping you chained to the treadmill like I was. You’ll learn how to tweak your body to become more efficient – up to twice as efficient – so that you can burn off a snickers bar while you sleep!

In Chapter 4, I give you the straight talk on food: you’ll ‘unlearn’ all the diet rules the so-called food experts have given you that have kept you flabby, lowered your metabolism, and actually made your body less efficient at burning fat. I give you a list of fat-burning foods – and a list of the things that are sabotaging your diet even though they seem healthy if you listen to mainstream media.

In Chapter 5, I give you my Tiara Top Secret Tip #1 – this one is huge! Without knowing this, you could spend weeks and weeks more trying to lose weight than if you made this one simple change in your every day life. Trust me, this tip will supercharge your results.

In Chapter 6, I give you my Top Secret Workout Exercises that will transform you way faster than the old-school moves that have been around since leg warmers and big hair. Let me share the very fastest ways to get a killer core, toned thighs, jiggle-free arms, and a sky-high butt. These secret moves will cut your transformation time dramatically!

Chapter 7 addresses something I have learned through working with clients from CEOs to admin assistants, from new moms to back-on-the-dating-scene women: there are certain key changes you need to make to lose weight in your 20s, your 30, your 40s and your 50s. It’s not one-size fits all on the other side of menopause – I give you actionable items based on your body’s natural physiognomy so that you work with it, not against it.


Flexible Exercises and Flexible Menu Plans – Included!

There is a printable two-week workout log with 64 unique exercises. Don’t like this one? No problem, sub in one from another day. The choice is yours! There is enough variety that you’ll never find yourself doing sit-ups and jumping jacks again (unless you love them, of course!) Best of all there is no need to leave your house to do them! You can make an amazing transformation and get your bikini body right in your living room! I show you exactly how to train to achieve the body of your dreams with a few pieces of equipment you can stash in your closet.

I don’t believe in restrictive diets – they don’t last through funerals or having a sick child or being on vacation. I believe that once you learn how to fuel your body with what it needs, you’ll start naturally making the best choices.

But learning can take time, so I’ve provided you with a Tiara-approved eat-exactly-this-to-lose-fat-this-week menu plan.

Trust me, if you’ve been on starvation diets for years like I had been, you won’t believe how happy your body can be when it finally gets what it is craving!

As a special bonus, I include a section at the back with the exact products and services I use to keep myself in model-shape every day. I’m actually stopped in the grocery store or on the sidewalk all the time by women wondering these things, and in this book I share them with you.

The Tiara Transformation System

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“What if the best body of your life wasn’t in high school, but was just around the corner…a leaner, stronger, happier you, only better.”

– Tiara Cameron

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The Tiara Transformation System doesn’t just make you feel great, it works!


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